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  • UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE (Melbourne, Australia)

    • Master of Information Technology (Distributed Computing) Expected: June 2021

    • WAM: 88.3/100

    • Coursework: Cloud Computing; Programming Java; Algorithms and Complexity; Database Management and Modeling


    • Bachelor of Engineering in Water Science and Engineering September 2015 – June 2019
    • GPA: 86.13/100 (Ranked Top 10%)
    • Quantitative Coursework: Fundamentals of Computers; Linear Algebra; Probability Theory; Higher Mathematics

    • Certificate of Specialization in Big Data March-September 2018
    • Quantitative Coursework: Introduction to Big Data; Big Data Modeling and Management Systems; Machine Learning


  • Currently work for FlyTech Austrlia Pty Ltd(Full-stack developer & Co-founder)
    • Develope EVENTPLUS and SUPERUNI. Release very soon, more details pls stay tuned!
  • DIDI Global(滴滴出行) Data Analyst Intern (Decision Analyst) November 2019-March 2020 @ Beijing, China
    • Work as an intern in the Data Science Team of DIDI, which is the top 2 data science team within China
    • Mainly focus on data analysis for different businesses like bicycle sharing(Qing Ju, Xiao Lan), ride sharing(Economy, Co-share, Premium, etc.)
    • Contribution to group report on a weekly basis and mainly works on CPO/NPS analysis on Global Commercial business in South America, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Mexico
    • Use programming-based technologies to fetch data from government, partner, social media, commercial report, etc.
  • Industrial Bank Co., Ltd(Assistant Data Analyst) July-September 2017 @ Beijing, China
    • Aided in maintenance and improvement of the database system storing customer credit card information
    • Conducted data cleaning and preliminary analysis to streamline the credit card application decision-making process
  • SuperTimetable(超级课程表)(University Coordinator) January-December 2018
    • Help negotiation with university and SuperTimetable.
    • Maintanance user experience.

Delegator AI, Telstra Innovation Challenge Project September 2020

  • Delegator AI will help the organisation by automatically assigning the task(tickets) to employees based on the ML prediction Algorithm by considering factors like task priority, employee skills, ticket similarity, employee scheduling, workload, etc.
  • Project Homepage and Demo:

Coral, GovHack 2020 Competition August 2020

  • The GovHack Competition is a two-day hack event to create concepts, mashups and models with open data, to examine the challenges in innovative ways.
  • “Coral” helps to detect waste in real-time using the Convolution Neural Network. It helps to understand which suburbs are more prone to wastes based on different parameters like events, climate, and location. It Forecasts the waste collection for the next 5 years(until 2025) for the City of Melbourne.
  • Responsible for the backend development, Coordinate Passing System, and Partial Front end development
  • Project Github:
  • Project Demonstration Video:
  • Project Web App:

University of Melbourne Mark Tracker July 2020

Twitter Sentiment Analysis, Cluster and Cloud Computing Project February-July 2020

Azul Board Game AI Agent, AI Project Feburary-July 2020

New York City Taxi Fare Prediction, Kaggle Competition August-September 2018

  • Ranked in the top 3% of competitors
  • Assessed project workload; assigned tasks to team members; reported project progress as team leader
  • Created machine learning models (LightGBM and XGBoost) to predict taxi fares in New York City based on data features such as distance, pick-up time, date of travel, etc.
  • Assembled these two models through weighted averaging and stacking techniques

AHP Analysis on Shared Bicycles, China Business Statistics Association December 2016 – June 2017

  • Led a team of four to identify and analyze key factors of the shared bicycle market in China using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method
  • Designed and distributed questionnaires to create initial factor pool; analysis revealed that the coverage ratio and braking system are the most important factors in customers’ decision-making

涉水污染事件损害鉴定基线确定及因果分析关键技术研究 -博士后助理 2018年4月 - 2019年5月

  • 确定水污染事件损害鉴定的尺度范围,确定水污染事件损害基线,建立区域不同地区的基线库
  • 分析水污染事件与环境损害间的因果关系,制定水污染事件的处置方法,建立水污染事件的环境损害评估方法和模型

基于GIS+BIM+VR的海绵城市智能化改造和管理探究 -项目主持 2017年8月 - 2018年1月

  • 本项目将GIS、BIM和VR技术相结合,探究这些技术在雨水设施智能化维护管理中的可行性,并建立可视化模拟模型,探究模型对提升海绵城市建设和管理的效率。
  • 发表一篇EI论文。

废菌棒活性炭的制备及对水中 Cr(VI)的吸附去除研究 -项目主持 2017年1月 - 2017年9月

  • 项目主要探究以废菌棒材料为原料,并采用化学活化法,以研究不同的药品比例、碳化温度、活化温度对制备得到的废菌棒的活性炭得率及对活性炭吸附Cr(VI)效果的影响 筛选出达到最佳去除水中Cr(VI)效果的活性炭制备条件,对废菌棒进行有效利用及对污废水有效处理。
  • 负责正交实验结果分析、最佳制备条件下的WRAC的SEM结果分析、表征标线绘制,以筛选出最佳制备条件;撰写 3000+字研究报告。

原位合成绿色纳米零价铁去除土壤中六价铬的研究 -研究助理 2016年5月 - 2016年12月

  • 绿色合成nZVI为一种环境友好、成本低、效益高的处理环境中重金属污染的材料。
  • 项目探究采用葡萄皮渣制得的纳米铁对土壤中六价铬的去除率,并探讨了纳米铁去除土壤中六价铬的机理 研究助理负责扫描电镜(TEM)表征、采用二苯碳酰二肼分光光度法测定六价铬,计算六价铬的去除率;对比投加方式对 合成的纳米零价铁去除六价铬的影响;撰写4000+字研究报告。


Student Union, Taiyuan University of Technology Taiyuan, China

Head of Literature and Arts Department September 2016 – June 2017

  • Organized several creative student activities such as ceremonies and shows to enrich campus life
  • Utilized communication skills to improve coordination with other departments and student organizations within and between schools


  • Yiduo Wang, Boxing Yang and Chongzheng Zhao 2020 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 450 012063

  • Chongzheng Zhao and Lin Lv. (2018). Research on the Feasibility of Solving Problems in Construction of Sponge City Based on GIS, VR and BIM Combined Technology. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 170(2), 022068.

  • Chongzheng Zhao (2018). Analysis of Data Privacy Protection Technologies in the Era of Big Data. Computernik, 2018: February II, pp. 14-15, ISSN: 1672-528X.


  • Outstanding Graduates, Taiyuan University of Technology(2019)
  • National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China(2018)
  • Dean Scholarship, Taiyuan University of Technology(2018)
  • Second Place, National University Student Market Analysis Competition(2017)
  • Second Place, National University Student Energy-Saving & Emission Reduction Competition(2017)
  • First Place, Start-Up Competition of Taiyuan University of Technology(2017)